About Me

This blog was born out of a place of need and desire to share part of myself with the world. I have been writing blogs on different subjects for years but I haven’t really had a dedicated space to just my thoughts about life and the things that I love in it.

I have chosen a few topics that I can speak endlessly about:

  • Everyday Life
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Writing

In lieu of an existential crisis, I have opted for a path of self exploration and personal meaning. Writing this blog is part of that process for me. I have been writing a personal journal for a long time now and the posts for this blog are kind of like those journal entries. I enjoy the process of putting words on a page and seeing them spill out. There’s always a little piece of me in each post. I am not a complicated person, maybe a little serious now and then but simple in my loves and passions.